“As a lifelong athlete and exercise enthusiast, I knew as part of my pregnancy journey that I’d want to stay as active as possible. However, I knew I’d need guidance as I navigated this phase of life. Ashley was the first person I reached out to shortly after finding out I was pregnant. I knew the sooner I could get started on pelvic floor work, breath work, and strength movements the better! I started right around 6 weeks pregnant and was so confident in how I was feeling and moving. Unfortunately at 10 weeks pregnant I had an unforeseen medical condition and was told to put all exercise and movement on pause for 4-6 weeks.

I felt defeated but knew it was what I needed to do for my body & baby. Thankfully after a couple months I was able to resume exercise and Ashley was there waiting! I was able to do all of the movements I loved, even incorporated into metcons, and exercised/moved my body consistently up until the day before I delivered my son! I was one of the lucky ones who had a “sunny side up” baby, meaning I had back labor for over 30 hours. After 3.5 hours of pushing, I brought my healthy baby boy into the world. My doctor told me at my postpartum visit that if it wasn’t for my strength & the physical shape my body was in, I would’ve ended up having an emergency c-section with the way my baby was positioned.

To this day I am so incredibly thankful for Ashley’s guidance and owe so much to her for being able to deliver my son naturally. I knew my journey didn’t end after birth and that I’d need to continue working on regaining strength and healing my body. I began right around 3 weeks postpartum with breath work and stretching, and then after I was cleared to exercise, Ashley was there to lead the way. The best part of this entire process was knowing that I was doing what my body needed and in a safe & functional way. If it hadn’t been for Ashley’s guidance, who knows if I’d be here 8 months postpartum enjoying my son in a comfortable & pain free body! I highly recommend doing this for yourself, and putting the time and effort into your body because it needs you!! “