Six months after my back surgery, I was still struggling with numbness, stiffness and weakness from my back all the way down to my foot.  I was frustrated with myself and, frankly, with many medical professionals who said I was fine.  Immediately upon meeting with Dr. Moody, she was able to assess my injuries, come up with a plan to fix it and guide me to recovery.  I recovered rapidly under her care.  I regained feeling in my leg, strength in my core and, most importantly, she helped provide me with a path to recovery.  Dr. Moody is unlike most of my previous doctor experiences.  I looked forward to my appointments with her, as I knew it was going to be beneficial and an enjoyable experience.  Dr. Moody is an amazing, caring doctor who is an absolute credit to her profession.  

Dr. Aunkst has improved my all around quality of life with his techniques and therapy. My body has accumulated years of abuse being a Firefighter, Bodybuilder and Professional Wrestler. I’ve had countless injuries and terrible range of motion that were all specifically targeted by Dr. Aunkst. And all have greatly improved. I highly recommend Dr. Aunkst if you are seeking to improve your training, improving range of motion or relieving pain. His professionalism and knowledge is top shelf and you will not be disappointed. Very grateful to have had the opportunity to be his client.

“I met Dr Moody at a time where I thought I had run out of options to manage my chronic pain. I was skeptical at first. I felt a plateau with other treatment options prior to considering chiropractic medicine. At my first appointment, I was impressed with Dr Moody’s bedside manner and as time passed, her compassion continued to show. She helped me consider other forms of medicine and she presented ideas to help maximize our treatment plan. She is very knowledgeable and very personable. She always checks in to see how you are feeling and how you felt since the last visit. You do not see patient care like this too much anymore and I’d recommend her to anyone! The care I received from you is beyond words.”

“I initially began seeing Dr. Aunkst due to his certification in Active Release Technique.  At that time, I was training for a bodybuilding competition and experiencing pain in my elbows, knees and shoulders.  With Dr. Aunkst’s help, my tendinitis improved and I was able to train and compete pain-free. As an athlete himself, Dr. Aunkst is extremely relatable, making appointments productive, informative and fun.  Anyone currently training with pain should see Dr. Aunkst. 

“These two providers exemplify patient centered care! They see each patient as individuals, with individual needs and goals. They take the time to listen to you, and find a way to work with you to get you back to doing what you love! You won’t be disappointed!”

“To this day I am so incredibly thankful for Ashley’s guidance and owe so much to her for being able to deliver my son naturally. I knew my journey didn’t end after birth and that I’d need to continue working on regaining strength and healing my body. I began right around 3 weeks postpartum with breath work and stretching, and then after I was cleared to exercise, Ashley was there to lead the way. The best part of this entire process was knowing that I was doing what my body needed and in a safe & functional way. If it hadn’t been for Ashley’s guidance, who knows if I’d be here 8 months postpartum enjoying my son in a comfortable & pain free body! I highly recommend doing this for yourself, and putting the time and effort into your body because it needs you!! ”
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– SS

“I can’t recommend Ashley enough for getting me back on track during pregnancy & postpartum.  Her programming has been so easy to do at home-with a newborn, I’ve needed minimal equipment.  If all you have are bands, trust me that’ll still get the work in! Training after pregnancy is not something you should try and tackle alone, working with Ashley has taught me how to engage my abs correctly and even improved my pelvic floor after birth.  She is always checking in on my workouts and holding me accountable.  You can tell how passionate she is with helping women get back to themselves. Her knowledge and professionalism is like no other.  If you have a goal to come back better than ever after pregnancy then Ashley is who you should be working with!”

– SM